Advanced Energy Works: A New Voice for 3.3 Million American Workers

Posted by JR Tolbert on Apr 18, 2018 11:50:00 AM


Advanced energy employs 3.3 million Americans making and installing solar panels, wind turbines, energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems, and electric vehicles  for homes, businesses, and farms across the country. Advanced energy jobs range from software engineers and coders to construction workers. Advanced energy workers are in every corner of the United States. Unfortunately, not all of our leaders in Washington, D.C. and in state capitals across the country are aware of this thriving sector and what it’s doing to drive our economy.

That’s why we’re launching Advanced Energy Works.

Advanced Energy Works will be the voice of the American advanced energy worker in Congress and in state houses across the country. Supporting as many U.S. jobs as retail stores, advanced energy has employees in every congressional and state legislative district. When men and women working in advanced energy sign up to become part of Advanced Energy Works, they help to localize and personalize the industry for  policy makers and the general public.

We’re committed to making sure that elected officials know that the policy decisions they make on energy issues will have a direct impact on the jobs and economic development advanced energy provides in their communities.

Here’s what we’re going to do to make that a reality.

Starting today, Advanced Energy Works is building a comprehensive list of advanced energy workers across the country. If you work in energy efficiency, demand response, electric vehicles, fuel cells, wind, solar, hydropower, or any of the other advanced energy fields, you can sign up today — it’s free! If you know someone in the advanced energy sector, forward this post to them and encourage them to sign up and be counted.

Second, we know how important stories are for elected officials. Over the course of this summer and fall, Advanced Energy Works will be collecting testimonials from people employed in the advanced energy industry. We’ll share these stories with elected officials and help drive home the fact that their policy positions have a direct impact on the jobs in our sector who are their voters.

Next, we’re going to work to make sure that advanced energy workers and the public know where elected officials stand on these critical issues. We will highlight key votes and actions in Congress and state legislatures and encourage employees to weigh in directly with their elected representatives. After these votes, we’ll let you know who stood with advanced energy and who stood in the way of a secure, clean, affordable energy system. Our website features direct actions you can take so that your voice is heard in support of your job and your industry, the advanced energy industry – with more to come.  

Finally, we’re going to ask those advanced energy employees who are willing to engage directly with decision makers. We’ll host lobby days on critical issues in upcoming legislative sessions. And, as we move forward, we’ll encourage those of you who are politically active to get engaged with advanced energy champions running for office.

The battle to build an advanced energy economy will not be won overnight. Today’s launch of Advanced Energy Works is a critical step in making our vision of a world run on secure, clean, affordable energy a reality. We hope you’ll join our effort today.

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