Indiana AEE Gives Legislators ‘Energy 101’ Briefing featuring Utility, Regulators, Cummins

Posted by Caryl Auslander on Jan 9, 2019 12:00:00 PM


Indiana AEE hosted an ‘Energy 101’ legislative briefing and breakfast January 8 to introduce AEE and advanced energy policy issues to legislators. The audience was newly elected legislators and members of the House and Senate Utility committees. Legislators heard from Claudia Earls, Chief Counsel, Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO), on the utility’s recent IRP and announcement of plans to close its last two coal plants in the next 10 years, replacing that capacity with solar, wind, storage, and demand management resources.

The group also heard from Indiana Utility Regulatory Commissioners Dave Ober and Sarah Freeman on what the IURC does and does not do. And they heard from Karen Cecil, Director of Global Environmental Sustainability for Cummins, an AEE member, on the business’s sustainability and energy efficiency efforts. The lawmakers had the opportunity to network with the speakers and Indiana AEE and national staff. They were also provided with documents to help them learn about advanced energy and keep Indiana AEE front of mind when it comes to energy policy. Indiana AEE plans to hold educational programs throughout the 2019 legislative session and beyond.

Caryl Auslander is program director for Indiana AEE. 

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