STATES: Industry Forum Identifies Policies for Energy Productivity

Posted by Tom Plant on Oct 16, 2013 1:07:00 PM

AEE_Reducing_Energy_Waste_In_The_United_StatesIn April, Advanced Energy Economy convened industry leaders in energy efficiency from around the country for a meeting in Austin, TX. The purpose was to identify state policy initiatives that had the greatest potential for growing their segment of the advanced energy industry.   The product of this discussion is the new report “Reducing Energy Waste in the United States: Conclusions from AEE’s Industry Policy Forum on Energy Productivity.”

The 17 companies that participated in that forum represented a full spectrum, from large retailers intent on increasing the efficiency of their operations, to start up companies developing technologies that improve energy productivity, to companies that deliver energy efficiency services on behalf of utilities throughout the country.

For companies like these, the decision to enter a particular market is contingent upon the policies in that state. The forum discussion identified critical policies states should have in place to attract and expand the efficiency industry in their state, as well as opportunities for states to increase the impact and reach of efficiency programs in producing savings to business and residential customers.

The report discusses the current state of legislation and energy efficiency in the US, draws from numerous existing studies, and identifies several key areas where state legislatures can push for greater energy productivity, including:

  • Saving energy through water conservation
  • Incorporating customer satisfaction measures
  • Increasing demand by tailoring programs to each customer class
  • Recognizing the value of energy efficiency in mitigating consumer risk
  • Modifying cost effectiveness tests to allow better cost comparison between generation and efficiency investments
  • Updating energy efficiency codes within state and local building codes
  • Providing incentives for utilities based on accomplishing efficiency goals
  • Establishing energy efficiency resource standards

Within each of these areas are specific policies that could fit various circumstances for making energy efficiency a bigger part of a state’s energy program and creating new opportunities for advanced energy growth. The report should serve as a valuable resource for those states seeking to increase energy productivity, give consumers energy savings, and drive market development for this important sector of the advanced energy industry.

Download the white paper below!

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