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INFOGRAPHIC: Virginia Employment Impacts Under Clean Power Plan Compliance, Reducing Out-of-State Energy Imports

Posted by Lexie Briggs

Apr 19, 2015 11:00:00 AM


Prepared by Meister Consultants Group for the Advanced Energy Economy Institute and the Virginia Advanced Energy Industries Coalition, Assessing Virginia’s Energy Future: Employment Impacts of Clean Power Plan Compliance Scenarios analyzes two possible scenarios for Virginia’s compliance with the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions from the electric power sector. 

The topline finding is quite simple: Virginia could create thousands of permanent and temporary construction jobs by implementing the CPP, and double the number of jobs if the Commonwealth chooses to pursue a goal it has considered for a long time – producing within the state all the electricity needed to power the Virginia economy, instead of importing nearly 40 percent from out of state. Achieving self-sufficiency in electricity generation while meeting EPA emissions standards would create 122,000 job-years of additional employment over the next 15 years, with net new jobs peaking at nearly 12,600 in 2029.figure-10-va-jobs-report

For a more detailed look at what CPP complliance could mean for Virginia, download the full report from the link below.

Download the Full Report  on Virginia's Energy Future

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