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In the Clean Power Plan, EPA – and states – can count on advanced energy to do more

Posted by Matt Stanberry

Nov 19, 2014 11:51:00 AM

On Nov. 5, we submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency AEE’s comments on the Clean Power Plan. As we testified in the Agency’s hearing in July, AEE supports the Clean Power Plan, because we see it as a vital step toward modernizing the U.S. electric power system for greater efficiency, reliability, and economic opportunity. Compliance with the Clean Power Plan may be complicated, but with all the technologies available and all the flexibility allowed for individual states to develop plans that make sense for them, EPA’s state targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions will be easy to achieve. In our comments, what we told EPA is this: Advanced energy can contribute much more to emission reduction than the draft of the Clean Power Plan contemplates, and provide economic benefits at the same time.

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