As #EEDay2020 Approaches in the Midst of COVID-19, Energy Efficiency is More Relevant Than Ever

Posted by Aidan Boyd on Sep 24, 2020 3:22:25 PM

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On October 7, AEE and its many partners will celebrate Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2020) and we invite you to join us. The goal of Energy Efficiency Day is to bring home the benefits of energy efficiency for companies as well as households. Energy efficiency is a powerful tool that helps businesses and consumers save money, protect the environment by reducing pollution, and stimulate the economy by driving investment and employing over 2 million people. But energy efficiency is now more important than ever, given changes in work, school, and lifestyle driven by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Stay-at-home orders, online work, remote schooling, and social distancing mean that the average consumer is spending much more time at home. Without going to work, to school, to the library, or the mall, people have to heat or cool their homes and run their electronic devices all day long. Consequently, residential energy usage is going up, and so are energy costs. And for those who are out of work or have otherwise seen a reduction in income, saving money is crucial. 

Not that the burden of energy costs is new for many families. Even before the increased demand from COVID lock-downs, 2015 US Energy Department data showed that hot summers forced around 5 million households in the South (around 10%) to keep their homes at an unhealthy temperature because of costs, and 10.8 million (around 25%) households had to cut back food and/or medicine. 

By reducing energy waste through a combination of better technologies and simple home fixes, consumers can see massive savings. According to Energy Efficiency Day organizers, caulking leaks, sealing chimneys, and using draft guards under doors can cut heating costs by up to 20%. Further, consumers lower their carbon footprint, reduce pollution, and support the over two million workers in the energy efficiency sector. Supporting energy efficiency is an obvious choice. 

Wondering how you and your company can help spread awareness of energy efficiency? Join AEE, along with individuals, local governments, individuals, and organizations, and take the pledge to take action this October 7:

  • Officially join the campaign here to be listed as a participant (fast, free, check the box to list your organization's name publicly!).
  • Highlight your successful EE initiatives, programs, projects and customers/partners using #EEDay2020 on Twitter and Facebook leading up to and on Oct. 7.
  • Share your EE program successes, tips, and best practices for energy consumers of all types.
  • Ask state and local officials to proclaim Oct. 7 as Energy Efficiency Day.
  • Show us your creative side with this year's theme #EEBooks (for inspiration look at past themes #EETV and #EEMovies).
  • Join AEE for Energy Efficiency in the Time of COVID: How It Supports Recovery virtual roundtable with ACEEE, ASE, E4TheFuture, and NRDC on Oct. 7, from 11am ET - Noon ET. Register free here.

Are you ready to spread the word about all the benefits of energy efficiency? Sign up to join us for #EEDay2020 today.

Aidan Boyd is an AEE communications intern through American University’s Internship program. 

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