Advanced Energy Perspectives

Despite Pandemic Slump, EV Growth Means More Charging Stations Are Needed. The U.S. Would Gain by Investing in Them Now.

5 Steps for States to Keep Advanced Energy Progress on Track

With Nearly 600,000 Jobs Lost, the Time is Now for Congress to Aid Advanced Energy

Distributed Energy Resources are the Next Step in Texas Energy Leadership – and a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

FPL’s SolarTogether Points Florida toward a Sunnier Future

The 100% Solution: How States Across the U.S. Are Determining Their Own Clean Energy Futures

At 3.6 Million Jobs in 2019, Advanced Energy Was Growing. Then the Pandemic Hit.

Regulatory Roundup: Grid Modernization, Electric Transportation, Cloud Computing, and More Continue – Remotely

Florida Legislature Sets the Stage for a Sunny EV Market

10 Tips for a Brave New (Remote Work) World

Acrostic This: How COVID-19 is Impacting Energy-Related Regulation and Legislation

Advanced Energy Battles Coal to a Draw in Hoosier State Rematch

Anatomy of an Advanced Energy Win in Virginia

At Executive Forum, Business Leaders Talk Strategies for Accelerating Vehicle Electrification

2020 ‘Factbook’ Reveals a Decade’s Shift to Advanced Energy

One Giant Leap for Energy Efficiency in New York

Why the Indiana Legislature Should Reject Bill to Save Coal

At Auto Show, Automakers Tout Latest Electric Models, Range, and Apps Ahead of Super Bowl Ad Blitz

Will Clean Energy Commitments Lead to a Regional Market in the West?

As Illinois Gov. Pritzker Promises Legislation, AEE Brings Member Companies to Talk Advanced Energy with Deputy

How to Keep the Lights on in the Era of 100% Clean Energy Targets

Market Briefs Shed Light on the Benefits of DERs and Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets

Why a Bandage Fix for Cost-Effectiveness Testing Isn’t Enough

Virginia Clean Economy Act Offers Growth, Jobs, and Savings

How a New FERC Order Could Set Back Our Industry, Cost Consumers Money, and Turn the Tables on States that Want Advanced Energy

Big Businesses’ Appetite for Renewable Energy in Florida is Growing, and Solar is on the Menu

Texas Executive Forum Grapples with the Next Phase of Grid Innovation: Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

Silver State Deserves Gold Medal for Advanced Energy Job Growth

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019

Executive Forum Looks to Capture Value for Consumers From Microgrids, Energy Storage, and Renewable Natural Gas

How an Obscure Pricing Rule and Transmission Holdups Could Put Advanced Energy Resources on Ice

What Would It Take to Get to a 100% Clean Energy Economy? AEE Offers Congress Its Perspective.

In Florida, Legislators Hear about Jobs, Savings, and EVs from AEE and Member Companies

At Advanced Energy Now | West, Target of 100% Clean Energy Came into Focus

Advanced Transportation Bills Highlight a Successful Legislative Session in California

How Wholesale Electricity Markets Work – and Don’t

Florida’s Forecast is Sunny for Advanced Energy Jobs

VA Gov. Northam Hears from AEE, Business Leaders About How to Reach His 100% Clean Energy Goal

What's Your Superpower? On Oct. 2, Let's All Show Off Our Strength By Getting More From Less

Challenge to FERC and the Senate: Opening Wholesale Markets to Competition from All Advanced Energy Technologies

Here’s a Glimpse of What Distributed Energy Resources Could Bring to Wholesale Markets – If They Are Given A Chance

Rocky Mountain High: Advanced Energy Jobs in Colorado Exceed Hospitals, Double Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction

Advanced Energy Jobs Help Make Indiana Truly ‘A State That Works’

AEE Goes to Court to Stop Utilities and States From ‘Opting Out’ of FERC Energy Storage Rules

With Jobs Topping 100,000, Advanced Energy in Virginia Shows Growth and Untapped Potential

EVs Go Big as Fleet Owners, Transit Authorities, Local Governments Eye the Benefits of Electric Buses and Trucks

Ohio Stumbles Toward the Past on Energy Policy

ADVANCED ELECTRICITY GENERATION: Solar, Wind Drive 8% U.S. Growth in 2018

California Legislature Delivers Critical Wildfire Package to Stabilize Utilities and Maintain Energy Goals

ADVANCED FUEL DELIVERY: Revenue from Natural Gas and Hydrogen Fuel Stations is Up, After Three Years of Decline

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019 – So Far

ADVANCED INDUSTRY: Industrial Energy Management Systems Drive U.S. Growth, Lead Toward Industrial Internet of Things

When ‘Clean Street Meets Wall Street,’ Advanced Energy Markets Move Ahead

ADVANCED FUEL PRODUCTION: Ethanol Rebounds in U.S. After Decline

Standby and Buyback Rates Can Hurt the Economics of Distributed Generation. New York Just Took Action to Fix That.

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION: U.S. Revenue from Plug-In Electric Vehicles Surges 75% in 2018

At Advanced Energy Now | East, Business and Government Leaders Focus on Ways to Drive Advanced Energy Growth

ELECTRICITY DELIVERY & MANAGEMENT: Energy Storage, EV Charging Infrastructure, Microgrids, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure Lead Growth

Colorado Legislature Comes Through with 13 Bills Boosting Advanced Energy

BUILDING EFFICIENCY: The Largest Segment of U.S. Advanced Energy Keeps on Growing

UK RIIO Sets Out to Demonstrate How a Performance-Based Regulatory Model Can Deliver Value

In Texas, Incentives for Wind & Solar Development Were Extended, but Storage Questions Go Back to PUCT

OVERVIEW: Advanced Energy Continues to Grow, in U.S. and Worldwide

A Compelling Opportunity for Growth from Offshore Wind: Domestic Supply Chain

Is Your State Missing Out on Corporate Renewable Energy Purchasing? Here’s How It Can Catch Up

Virginia’s ‘Grid Transformation and Security Act’ Bears Fruit in Energy Efficiency

States are Getting Charged Up about Electric Vehicles

In Indiana, Legislative Session Ends with Significant Wins for Advanced Energy

Nevada’s Advanced Energy Economy Gets a Bipartisan Boost

University of Chicago Analysis of RPS is a Working Paper that Still Needs Work

Making Cloud Computing and Other Services Pay for Utilities and Customers

AEE Goes to the Auto Show to Introduce the Media to EVs

AEE Touts Advanced Energy Legislation in Colorado to Meet Governor’s Goals

Green New Deal vs. Green Real Deal: What Do They Mean for Advanced Energy?

Topping 3.5 Million Workers, Advanced Energy Employment Grows Twice as Fast as All U.S. Jobs

Alongside Gov. Ritter, AEE Emphasizes Economic Benefits of Advanced Energy to Nevada Lawmakers

AEE to FERC: Confirm that ISO New England Can’t Change Rules for Energy Efficiency Resources without Following Established Processes

BQDM Program Demonstrates Benefits of Non-Traditional Utility Investments

Ohio Legislators, Staff Hear from AEE Members at Advanced Energy Showcase

Midway Through the Legislative Session, Indiana AEE Counts Early Wins as Harmful Bills Get Blocked and Positive Bills Move Forward

Pointing to Market Realities, AEE Challenges Rollback of Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Light- Duty Vehicles

With Key Appointments, New Governors Take Early Steps Toward Advanced Energy

Oklahoma's Energy Efficiency Incentives Give Utilities a Business Reason to Save Customers Money

Texas Regulators Stand Pat on Transmission Cost Allocation, Make ERCOT Market Tweaks in Advance of Summer, and Launch Exam of EV Issues

Latest 'Factbook' Shows Advanced Energy Powered U.S. Economy in 2018

At Halftime in the Virginia General Assembly, Advanced Energy Plays Offense and Defense

TAEBA Showcases Advanced Energy Innovation at Texas Capitol

Behavioral Demand Response Gives Baltimore Gas and Electric a Business Reason to Reduce Peak Usage

Here’s How the New Congress Can Boost Advanced Energy and Grow the Economy

What do Hawaii and Pennsylvania (and Several Other States) Have in Common? They’re Charting a Course Toward Utility Regulatory Reform.

Storage, DERs, ‘Fuel Security,’ PURPA – Just Some of the Issues to Watch in Wholesale Markets

5 State Policy Issues to Watch in 2019

Talk of ‘Green New Deal’ Puts Advanced Energy in the National Spotlight

Indiana AEE Gives Legislators ‘Energy 101’ Briefing featuring Utility, Regulators, Cummins

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2018

Pioneering a Performance-Based Future for Energy Efficiency, California Utilities are Creating an Opportunity for Innovation Not to be Missed

Through Long and Winding Process, Corporate Procurement of Renewable Energy in Michigan Gets Better

The Numbers are In and Renewables are Winning On Price Alone

What’s Been Trending on PowerSuite? Self-Generation Incentives in Calif., Resource Planning in Mich., Grid Modernization and RPS Everywhere

What Congress Can Learn from Texas about Heat Waves and Competitive Markets

Distribution system planning: Proactively planning for more distributed assets at the grid edge

Five Takeaways for Advanced Energy From Last Week’s Election

Business Leader Nat Kreamer Named CEO of AEE

The Next Big Energy Innovation May Not Be A Gadget

How Public Utility Commissions Can Prepare for Electric Vehicles, in Seven Steps

Industry Leaders Highlight Advanced Energy Opportunities for Nevada Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Sisolak

Ohio Powers Forward With Utility Reform Process, But There’s Much Left To Do

Where Do Candidates for Governor Stand on Advanced Energy Growth? In Nine States, AEE is Keeping Score.

Business Leaders Discuss Energy Priorities with Florida Democratic L.G. Nominee Chris King

At FERC, PJM Capacity Market Rules are Up for Grabs, With Much at Stake for Advanced Energy Resources

Ohio Lt. Gov. Candidate Husted Hears How Republican Ticket Can Embrace Advanced Energy

Businesses Discuss Energy Priorities with Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial Hopeful Richard Cordray

Gear Up for #EEDay2018 — Join Us to Spotlight Efficiency Success!

Buyers Group Has Busy First Year Promoting Access, Protecting Markets

Addendum to ‘EVs 101’: What Every Regulator Needs to Know About Car Buyers

No ACE in the Hole: EPA Rule Would Force States on Narrow, Costly Path – Potentially Disrupting Markets for Advanced Energy

Massachusetts Moves Clean Energy Forward with RPS Increase, Solar Fix (in Part), Storage Target, Energy Efficiency Expansion, Offshore Wind Boost

Another Groundbreaking Legislative Session in California for Advanced Energy, but Unfinished Business Awaits the Next Governor

Gubernatorial Candidates Hear from Businesses about Advanced Energy Jobs and Potential in New Mexico

In Roundtable with Levine, Advanced Energy Business Leaders Stress Economic Opportunity for Florida

Florida Gubernatorial Hopeful DeSantis Hears from Advanced Energy Leaders

Talk of Regional Grid, EVs, and Wildfires at Sixth Annual Pathway to 2050

Campaigns Hear How Advanced Energy Can Continue to Grow in Colorado

How Congress Can Help Advanced Energy Modernize the Grid

Electric Vehicles are Charged Up and Ready to Energize U.S. Roadways – and Drivers

Make or Buy for Utilities: Putting Services and Capital Investments on a Level Playing Field

$34 Billion – or More – is Too High a Price to Pay for Power Plants that are Not Needed

Harness Clean Energy and Create Jobs, Says Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Walz

Minnesota Governor Candidate Murphy Sees Clean Energy as the Way Forward

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2018 – So Far

In Pennsylvania, Legislature and Public Utility Commission Pave the Way to Innovative Ratemaking

Showing More Ups than Downs, Advanced Energy Employment Grows to 3.4 Million U.S. Workers

Gubernatorial Roundtables Kick Off in Michigan with Gretchen Whitmer

Latest Trump Administration Plan to Prop Up Failing Power Plants Leaves Many Questions Unanswered but Bottom Line is the Same: High Cost for No Benefit

Keystone State Takes a Step Forward With Commercial PACE

Navigating Renewable Energy Options In Virginia – Guide to a Changing Landscape

California Gubernatorial Roundtables Wind Up, With Top Advisors to Newsom Campaign Meeting Advanced Energy Business Leaders

Can Ohio Lawmakers Have a ‘Constructive Conversation’ On Energy? Or Will a New Governor Need to Speak Up?

Nevada's Gubernatorial Candidates See Opportunity in Clean Energy Economy

Decision on Smart Meter Texas Will Help Customers and Advanced Energy Providers Put Data to Work

Changing Trade Rules Can Help the U.S. Economy, but Tariffs on Advanced Energy Products Would Hurt

Access to Data: Bringing the Electricity Grid into the Information Age

AEE Gives Illinois Governor Hopefuls a Roadmap to Advanced Energy Growth

Grow Virginia’s Economy while Shrinking Emissions? You Bet.

AEE-Sponsored EV Charging Infrastructure Bill in California is On Its Way

Advanced Energy Works: A New Voice for 3.3 Million American Workers

How President Trump and Congress Can Make Energy Infrastructure Great Again

In North Carolina, Opportunities in Rate Design, Data Access, and Grid Modernization

Ohio Powers Forward in its Grid Modernization Initiative

California Gubernatorial Hopeful Delaine Eastin Sits Down with Advanced Energy Businesses, Shares Her Vision for Smart, Nimble State Policy

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Joe Schiavoni Talks Advanced Energy and Its Workforce

Success, Suspense, and Advanced Energy Progress in Virginia

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine Hears Energy Policy is Important Tool for Jobs Creation

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Cordray Connects with Advanced Energy, Sees ‘Multiplier Effect’

Awards Season — Not Just for the Movies

What Can Utility Demand-Side Management Programs Do to Engage Today's Customers? Go Omni-Channel

In Michigan, Electric Vehicles Provide the Chassis for Mobility of the Future

FERC Orders Grid Operators to Develop Market Rules for Energy Storage, Launches Process to Open Markets for DER

Rate Design for a DER future: Designing rates to better integrate and value distributed energy resources

Despite Market, Policy Uncertainties, ‘Factbook’ Shows an Advanced Energy Boom, Employing 3 Million U.S. Workers

How Much Can Reducing Peak Electricity Use in Indiana Save Hoosiers? Billions

In Budget Agreement, Congress Comes Through with Tax Equality for 'Orphan' Technologies

Gov. Brown's New ZEV Goal Puts Calif. in the Lead for Advanced Transportation

Is a Distributed Grid More Vulnerable to Cyberattack? It Doesn't Have to Be.

A Victory for Competitive Markets – and Advanced Energy – as FERC Rejects DOE Coal, Nuke Bailout and Begins a Serious Look at Grid Resilience

Snow, Cold Temperatures Offer No Proof of Need for Coal, Nuclear Subsidies

Make or Break Opportunities for Advanced Energy in the New Year

Been a Challenge in 2017, Energy Policy Has: Federal Year in Review, Star Wars Edition

Republican John Cox is Latest California Gubernatorial Hopeful to Sit Down with AEE Member Companies

Top 5 State Legislative Issues of 2017

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2017

AEE to Congress: Make Sure Tax Bill Cashes In on Advanced Energy Growth for Economy and Jobs

Tour Tells the Story of Wind and Solar Powering Jobs

Value-Added Electricity Services: Getting Utility and Third-Party Roles Right

Can Energy Efficiency Resources Be Unfairly Excluded from Wholesale Electricity Markets? AEE Says ‘No’

The State of Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Time-Varying Rates, in Three Maps and One Graph. The Leaders – and Laggards – May Surprise You.

Senate Tax Bill Offers Benefits for Advanced Energy, But Faces an Uncertain Vote

AEE Members Hear from Calif. Gubernatorial Candidate Villaraigosa

Advanced Energy Buyers Group Brings Voice of the Customer to Solar Trade Case and Grid Pricing Proposal

House Tax Bill Offers, Undermines Market Certainty for Advanced Energy Companies

FERC Should Just Say ‘No’ to Bailout Without Benefit for Costly, Uncompetitive Power Plants, at Consumer Expense

Energy Efficiency as a Resource: The Power of Getting More from Less

AEE Kicks Off Roundtable Series with Calif. Governor Hopefuls

Performance-based Regulation: Aligning Utility Incentives with Policy Objectives and Customer Benefits

Before Supportive Congressional Committee, AEE Makes the Case for Technology Neutrality, Citing Grid and Consumer Benefits

Getting Smaller Business to Save Energy and Money Through Integrated Demand-Side Management

Advanced Metering: Making the Most of Connectivity for a Modern Grid

Advanced Energy Secures Victories in California, But Big Bills Kick Over to 2018

NEWS: In Storm After Storm, Advanced Energy Showed Resiliency

On Eve of Michigan Mobility Conference, a Flurry of EV Charging Activity

NEWS: Jaw-Droppingly Low Prices for Wind and Solar; GE Builds a Bigger Turbine

Virginia Governor Race is Looking Bright for Advanced Energy

NEWS: Utilities Can’t Get Enough Advanced Energy; Storage and Tidal Break Records

Neither resilience nor reliability can justify the rescue of outmoded power plants

NEWS: Corporations Across America Agree: Advanced Energy Saves Them Money

How Many Americans Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? (Hint: More Than You’d Think)

NEWS: ‘Feeling Groovy’ about EVs and an Eclipse ‘I Told You So’

Renewable Energy Tariffs, Part Two: Meeting the Needs of Nonparticipating Customers

NEWS: On Solar Eclipse and the Grid, Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Renewable Energy Tariffs, Part One: Meeting the Needs of Participating Customers

Keeping up the PACE in California – and Elsewhere

NEWS: In a Bout Between Advanced Energy Technologies, Who Wins? Everyone

Ohio Wind Turbine Setback Fix Suffers a Setback

NEWS: Blockchains and Drivetrains; Offshore Wind + Storage: More Tastes that Taste Great Together

Solar PV Sets New Records Nationally and Globally

Top 10 Utility Commission Actions of 2017–So Far

Texas Restores Incentives for Advanced Vehicles, Boosts Fleets with Grants for Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure

Natural Gas Fueling Stations Continue Slow Buildout

The Road to Victory for Cap and Trade in California

NEWS: Postcards from Calif. and Hawaii;  DOE Draft Report Leaked; Offshore Wind Training by VR

5 Findings in the Leaked Draft We Will Be Looking for When DOE Releases its Final Report

U.S. Gas Market Disrupts Coal, Plays Increasing Role in Global Markets

NEWS: In-Fluence in Energy Storage; Microsoft Makes a Deal

#ExtendItNow: California Lawmakers to Vote on Continuing Cap and Trade Program Critical to Advanced Energy Growth

In This Year’s Advanced Energy Olympics, Nevada Takes a Silver

CHP Provides Onsite Power for Industrial Customers, and Others

NEWS: Volvo Goes All In with EVs; BioFueling America; Modular Nuclear and Renewables Can Be BFFs

Proposed California Electric Vehicle Initiative Would Drive EV Sales with $3 Billion in Incentives

Can Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai Make Hydrogen Work?

NEWS: Experts Agree: Advanced Energy Is No Threat; Wind Energy & Windsurfers in Texas

In Michigan, Wind Equals Economic Opportunity

Biofuels Meet Targets

NEWS: Cities Going All In; Water Heaters Storing Energy for the Grid

Analysis Group Answers Perry’s Questions This Way: Changing Resources Aren’t Making the Grid Unreliable, but They Are Saving Consumers Money

U.S. Biofuels Take Revenue Hit But Get New Target Less Constrained by ‘Blend Wall’

NEWS: Bricks, Breakfast, and Banks, All Powered by Advanced Energy; Everything-Plus-Storage

How Utilities Can Gain by Becoming More Customer Centric

Future of Clean Diesel is Uncertain in the Face of Electric Vehicles

NEWS: Global Advanced Energy Growth; Plus, What to Do with 1,200 Gallons of Spoiled Mayonnaise

On New York’s 50% Renewable Energy Goal, Things Just Got Real

Plug-In Vehicle Options Expand, Stimulating Rapid Growth

NEWS: Advanced Energy Keeps Exceeding Expectations

What Online Ticket Selling Can Teach Us About Data and Energy Innovation

Car sharing, Electrification, and Automation are Converging into a New Mobility System

NEWS: EV Drivetrains and Blockchain are Changing the Game

With Passage of SB 90, the Forecast for Solar in Florida Gets Sunnier

New York REV, Demo Projects Point Toward 21st Century Electricity System

Our Input to DOE Study: Advanced Energy is the Answer, Not the Problem

Rhode Island Lays Foundation for U.S. Offshore Wind

NEWS: Tesla Takes Orders for Solar Roof; EV Trucks; and the Fastest Growing Job in the U.S. is…

Can a California Electric Vehicle Initiative Modeled on the State’s Successful Solar Program Electrify the EV Market?

Energy Storage Becomes the Glue for Virtual Power Plants

NEWS: New Dawn for Renewable Energy Tariffs; Breaking Ground on the Largest Solar Farm in the Western Hemisphere

This Memo Changes Everything: DOE ‘Study’ is Calibrated to Put Advanced Energy in the Crosshairs

As the Grid Goes Digital, Cybersecurity Gains Importance

NEWS: Wind in Iowa Not A Bunch of Hot Air; Solar Sunroof; AEE Members Take New York

New York’s Transition from Net Energy Metering Offers a New Way to Value Distributed Resources, but Raises Concerns about RECs

By Extending EmPOWER, Maryland Solidifies a Leadership Position on Energy Efficiency

NEWS: Microgrids, EV Charging, Battery-Gas Peaking Plant, and Net-Zero Salesforce – So What Else is New?

Energy Efficiency Delivers Huge Savings for Pennsylvanians. But Some Big Energy Users Want a Free Ride.

Corporate Procurement of Renewable Energy Gets Creative

NEWS: Advanced Energy in the City; Hybrid-Electric Cop Cars and Buildings

How Performance-Based Regulation Could Put Pennsylvania at the Forefront of a 21st Century Electricity System

Energy Use? Yes, There’s an App For That

NEWS: Electric Cars, Advanced Nukes, Solar Roofs, Oh My!

Should utilities be allowed to own distributed energy resources?

The Days of All-or-Nothing Transmission Planning Are Over

‘Lighting as a Service’ Offers New Business Model, Growth Opportunity

NEWS: Utilities' Outlook Unchanged by Politics; Advanced Energy: This Bud’s For You!

In Virginia, Better Options for Corporate Buyers Begin with This: Redoing Dominion’s Renewable Energy Tariff

Big Data Drives Demand Side Management Innovation

NEWS: Storage Goes Big in Hawaii; ‘Synergies’ Between Oil Rigs and Offshore Wind; Lady Gaga’s Energy Play

Peak Demand Reduction Can Solve Michigan’s Power Problems, Save Millions for Customers

Market Report Shows Record $1.4 Trillion Global, $200 Billion U.S. Revenue for Advanced Energy and Highlights Five Trends Shaping the Future

Two Cities and a Province Capture the Value of Organic Waste

NEWS: Blockchain Microgrid; Cities Go EV Shopping; Fortune Tells Offshore Wind Tale

Following Net Metering Battles, Nevada Considers Boosting RPS, Energy Efficiency, Storage

Microsoft, AEE, and Other Experts Agree: Advanced Energy Powers Growth

NEWS: Energy Storage Charges Up to Serve Homes and the Grid, with AEE Members at the Helm

At More than 3 Million Jobs, Advanced Energy is a Big – and Growing – Source of Employment in the U.S.


NEWS: Street Lights That Do More, Energy from Waves, and DERMS for the Grid

Why Advanced Energy Should Be Part of President Trump’s ‘America First Energy Plan’


NEWS: Wind and Solar Smash Records; Why One Kansas Utility is Going Big on EV Charging

How New York is REVving Up the Electric Power System


How Technology Innovation is Changing the Way We Shop – Starting with Comfort

Distributed Energy Resources 101: Required Reading for a Modern Grid

NEWS: From Offshore Wind to Energy Software-as-a-Service, AEE Members are Building America’s “New Normal”

Annual ‘Factbook’ Shows Advanced Energy is the New Normal


NEWS: Utility of the future? Utility now! Plus: Solar Peakers

Forget Net Metering Battles. New Nevada Order on ‘Attributes’ Gives Advanced Energy Its Due.


NEWS: LIPA Contracts for Offshore Wind, Solar Stabilizes the Grid, Tesla Builds a Bigger Battery

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Hydroelectric Power

NEWS: States Strengthen RPS; Are Solar and Wind Becoming ‘Base-Cost’ Power? Should California Have ‘Shot for the Stars’?

Three Questions about Virginia’s 2017 Legislative Session

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Building Energy Management Systems

NEWS: National Grid Puts $100M into Sunrun; Tesla builds a rooftop solar farm; Self-Driving Cars Dominate Auto and Consumer Electronics Shows

Gov. Kasich’s Veto Creates $10B Market Opportunity, But Ohio’s Energy Future is Far from Settled

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Waste Energy Recovery

NEWS: Autonomous Cars Drive Vegas; Tesla Hires 1,100 Nevadans (so far) for Gigafactory; Solar For Cheap

The Clean Power Plan and a New President: What Now?

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Efficient Water Heating

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2016 (Part 2)

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top Five State Policy Battles of 2016

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Utility Commission Actions of 2016

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2016 (Part 1)

Advanced Energy is Putting Hoosiers to Work

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: High Temperature Superconducting Transmission

NEWS: Advanced Energy Employment Is Growing Like Gangbusters

More Top Companies Are Going All In on Advanced Energy. Now, States Need to Figure Out How to Cash In.


NEWS: Energy May be Ripe for the Sharing Economy, Thanks to Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

Electricity in the Information Age: Big Data Could Mean Big Benefits for All

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Marine and Hydrokinetic Power

FERC Agrees with AEE: Let All Advanced Energy Technologies Compete in Regional Power Markets

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas

NEWS: The Art of the (Musk) Deal

With Bills Passed by Senate, Michigan is One Step Closer to an Advanced Energy Future

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Advanced Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

NEWS: Even in the Week that Was, Advanced Energy Marches On With Mercedes-Benz Batteries, Bolts for Lyft Drivers, GE’s Windy Power Line, EnergySavvy for Savvier Utilities, and Walmart Doubling Down

Energy Storage Shaping Up as Tipping Point for Utilities

Memo to the Trump Transition Team: Three Ways to Make American Energy Great Again

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Large-Scale Nuclear Power

NEWS: Assessing the Anti-Hype Around Elon Musk’s Solar Roof

A Battle is Brewing Over Industrial Energy Efficiency in the Keystone State

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Efficient Appliances and Electronics

NEWS: BOO! Big Buys, Block Island, and Headlines Fit for Halloween

One More Time, With Feeling: How to Improve the Clean Energy Incentive Program


Three Years In, the New York REV Journey is Far From Over


NEWS: Fire, Ice, Wet’n’Wild—It’s All Part of Energy Storage’s Best Year Ever

Offshore Wind Energizes the Coasts

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Utility Energy Efficiency Programs and Services

NEWS: Shades of Green in Energy Storage Financing, Building Energy Management, and Pot Growing

How Does Energy Storage Help Customers and the Grid? Let Us Count the Ways - all 89 of Them

Today is #EEDay2016. Celebrate the Savings!

For States, Meeting Clean Power Plan Goals Just Got Easier

NEWS: Clean Power Plan’s Big Day in Court; Plus, SunPower’s Midnight at the Oasis and Recurrent’s Tranquility Base

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Energy Service Company (ESCO) Services

Beyond “Virtual” Power Plants: Integrated DER Will Make the Grid Smarter and More Reliable

Legal Challenges Delay, But Will Not Stop, Energy Transformation

NEWS: Corporations Take Advanced Energy Into Their Own Hands; Solar + Storage like Peanut Butter and Chocolate

How Advanced Energy Can Save Money for Ohioans

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Voltage and Volt-Ampere Reactive Optimization

NEWS: Clean Diesel’s Identity Crisis; Solar’s Ongoing Tug-of-War

Top 10 Utility Commission Issues of 2016 - So Far

NARUC’s Guide to Rate Design and the Way Forward

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Large-Scale Solar Photovoltaics

NEWS: Building a Better Battery and the Growth of the Storage Industry

How Grid Governance Stands in the Way of Advanced Energy Progress

AEE and R Street Institute Say to Congress: Improving Competitive Power Markets Can Lower Costs and Take Advantage of Advanced Energy Benefits

A Big Next Step on California’s ‘Pathway’ to an Advanced Energy Economy


NEWS: How the Law of Conservation of Energy Applies to Generation Sites, as Advanced Energy Moves In Where Old Energy Had Been

20 Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency - With or Without Mandates

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Plug-in Electric Vehicles

NEWS: Summer Breeze Makes Us Feel Fine: First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Complete! Plus: Robot Cars a Reality

Shout It from the Rooftops: Solar and Energy Efficiency Save Millions – for Everyone


NEWS: ‘Yes Nukes’ in New York and Tennessee as Old Plants and New Get New Lease on Life

Six Simple Policies that Can Give Corporate Purchasers the Advanced Energy They Want — and 11 States that Would Benefit Most from Adopting Them

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Efficient Lighting and Intelligent Lighting Controls

NEWS: Tesla will Buy SolarCity for $2.6 Billion. It’s All Part of the Master Plan. Plus, Storage in Calif. and Nuclear in Ga.

Fitch Report Sends Utilities Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Renewables, Grid Services Drive Energy Storage Growth

NEWS: Nobody Bought Hawaii’s Electric Utility After All; PG&E Facing Criticism for EV Charging Monopoly

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY:  Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Advanced Energy is Putting People to Work in the Sunshine State

NEWS: Why Electricity Prices Keep Falling (Hint: Advanced Energy); It’s Elon Musk’s World, We Just Live In It

Setting the PACE on Home Energy Improvements for Low and Moderate Income Americans

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Industrial Energy Management Systems Deliver – and Expand – Worldwide

EPA’s New and (Mostly) Improved Clean Energy Incentive Program

NEWS: With GE’s Big Turbines on the Way to R.I., N.Y. Jumps into the Offshore Wind Game; Plus, Utilities Feel the Winds of Change

‘I’m Just a Bill’ – But Thanks to Appointment of Conference Committee, This One Might Become Law

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Advanced Distribution Management Systems

With Lower Costs and Federal Backing, Solar PV Poised for Long-Term Growth

NEWS: Karma Goes Around and Comes Around; Solar-Powered Vehicles; More Merger Madness

Renewable Natural Gas: a Fuel of the Future?

A FERC challenge: Opening up electricity markets to advanced energy technologies

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Second and Third Generation Biofuels

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Efficient Building Envelope Systems

Natural Gas Vehicles Slow Down due to Low Oil Prices

Grappling with the Water-Energy Nexus in California

Internet of Things Comes to Life at Home

Do Demand Charges Make Sense for Residential Customers?

Models Show Convergence of Current Trends and Clean Power Plan Requirements

NEWS: Buckle Up! More Advanced Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

At Summer Break, Michigan’s Energy Legislation is Far from Settled

As Vehicle Sales Lag, Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Sags

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: High Voltage Direct Current Transmission


Integrated Data Center Management is the Next Frontier

NEWS: New Heights for Wind Turbines; New Opportunities for Storage; the Grid’s “Best Kept Secret”?

NERC to States: Ready or Not, Here Comes Advanced Energy

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Hybrid Electric Vehicles

NEWS: Solar from the Big Sky to Cornhuskers

China Drives Nuclear at Home and Abroad

Advanced Energy Can Improve Reliability - If It’s Allowed to Compete

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Combined Heat and Power

NEWS: Employment Up, Costs Down – That’s the Advanced Energy Way

U.S. Wind Build-Out Continues; Will Offshore Follow?

New York REV Order Gives Utilities Ways to Make Money in Changing Role


NEWS: I, Driverless Vehicle! Plus: YieldCos Go Bump

Full D.C. Circuit Hearing of Oral Arguments on Clean Power Plan Will Speed Final Ruling

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Modular Nuclear Power

NEWS: An ISO for Hawaii? Utilities Double Down on Renewables; Oracle to Gobble Up Opower

How Do You Spell the Future of Net Metering? Maybe like this: LMP+D

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Distributed Solar Power

What can utility CEOs and advanced energy companies agree on? Quite a lot!

Drones & Robotics for Utility Transmission & Distribution Offer Improved Safety and Cost-Effectiveness

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY:  Energy Data Analytics

NEWS: Mass. Getting Back Into the Offshore Wind Game? Plus, Strong Winds in Texas and Elsewhere

At 2.7 Million Jobs Nationwide, Advanced Energy Is a Major Employer, as Well as $200 Billion Market Force

The Road to Intelligent Buildings Runs Through Technology

Hydrogen Infrastructure Needed for Fuel Cell Vehicle Growth

NEWS: More Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Clean Diesel Vehicles

Distribution Planning in a Distributed Energy Future

Facilitating Utility-Solar Collaboration on Net Metering in New York

NEWS: Solar and Storage On the Grid – and In the Air!

Senate Passes Bipartisan Energy Bill; FERC Looks at Storage

Biofuels Continue to Confront the Blend Wall

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems

NEWS: Tomorrow’s Technology TODAY! Plus, Nothing Mickey Mouse About this Solar Installation

Businesses to Lawmakers: Get Ohio Out of the Deep Freeze on Advanced Energy

CHP Holds Appeal for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: First Generation Biofuels (Ethanol and Biodiesel)

States, Utilities Moving Forward on 21st Century Electricity Plans

NEWS: Customers Line Up for Tesla’s New EV. Could It Be Model 3 Today, Oil Crisis Tomorrow?

Clean Power Plan Is On Hold, but Utilities Are Planning For It Anyway

New Era of Demand Response


NEWS: EIA, Me, and the Art of Being Wrong

As Ground Zero in Net Metering Debate, Nevada Stands Out

Clean Diesel – or VW at Least – Faces Identity Challenge

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Behavioral Energy Efficiency

NEWS: Merger Madness in D.C. and Texas and Big Data in New York

Industrial Energy Efficiency has Much to Offer Pennsylvania – and Other States

Lower Cost Li-Ion Batteries Boost Electric Vehicles


NEWS: Microsoft’s “Promotion” Part of a Larger Corporate Trend Toward Advanced Energy

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Solar Thermal Electric (STE)

From Energy Management to Connected, Comfortable Buildings

NEWS: Merger Madness: The Mega-Utility Stalls Out

Advanced Energy is Bigger Than Ever, with Nowhere to Go but Up

Virginia’s General Assembly Misses Connection for Advanced Energy

Energy Policy, Politics and the 2016 Election


NEWS: ‘Alexa, Turn Up the Heat,’ and other AEE Member News

The Supreme Court Stayed the Clean Power Plan, But That Won’t Stop Energy Progress

NEWS: Solar Plus Storage Goes Small – and Big

Handing Out Allowances Based on Performance, Not History, Will Create Opportunity, Hold Down Costs in CPP Compliance


NEWS: Not Your Grandpa’s Utility Business Model (But Maybe Mine)

To Plan or Not To Plan? State Reactions to Stay of Clean Power Plan Vary

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Water Infrastructure Energy Efficiency

NEWS: SCOTUS throws Clean Power Plan for a Loop; AEE Members Smarten Up the Grid

New ‘Factbook’ Shows Shifts to Advanced Energy Becoming Permanent

Supreme Court Stays CPP While Senate Halts Energy Bill

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Distribution Automation

NEWS: Tesla and Chevy Battle It Out for 30somethings ($thousands); Solar Super Bowl Sunday

Top 10 Public Utility Commission Issues to Watch in 2016

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Advanced Metering Infrastructure

NEWS: Megawatts or Negawatts? That is the Question – and the Supreme Court Decided It

Understanding the Clean Energy Incentive Program

Why Does the Supreme Court Care About Demand Response?

THIS IS ADVANCED ENERGY: Anaerobic Digestion

NEWS: New Deals (and Names!) from AEE Members; New York Prepares to Make REV a Reality

What is Advanced Energy? THIS is Advanced Energy!

State of the Union and Advanced Energy: “Strong”

Four Trends to Watch in Energy Finance

From Space Age Race Car to VW Microbus Reimagined, Consumer Electronics Show Showcases EV Technology to Come

Top Federal Policy Issues to Watch in 2016

The Force Awakens – and Produces a Tax Extenders Deal

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2015, Part 2

New England Energy Leaders Talk Finance, Business Models for a Modern Grid, and Vow to Grapple Further With Rate Design

Reductions in Battery Costs: Just One Piece of the Energy Storage Puzzle

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2015, Part 1

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top Five State Policy Battles of 2015

NEWS: Sunny Skies for Solar Now, but Without Storage, Storm Clouds Loom

For Congress, It’s a Race to the Finish, with Tax Extenders Back on the Table

NEWS: New Breeze for Offshore Wind; AEE Members Raise the Bar

Let the Planning Continue, Part 2: Even in States that have Sued EPA, Progress Toward Compliance

Let the Planning Continue, Part 1: With Lawsuits as Backdrop, States Make Progress on Clean Power Plan

NEWS: How Energy Storage is Like the Internet; Pot Power Outages?

Utilities, RTOs/ISOs Eye Clean Power Plan Compliance, Regionally and Individually

NEWS: Offshore Wind is Ready for its Close-up… Almost

New York Gets into the Details of a New Business Model for Utilities

NEWS: Falling Prices Make Wind Fuel of Choice; Hawaii Sends a New Postcard from the Future

The Legal Battle is Joined on the Clean Power Plan, and AEE is in the Thick of It

NEWS: The Customer is Always Right: Picking Advanced Energy Up and Down Supply Chain

In New Report and Before the Supreme Court, Demand Response is in the Spotlight

NEWS: Going Autopilot as EV Drivers Scuffle over Recharging; Offshore Wind Still Stuck in the Water Off Jersey

In Tumultuous Session, North Carolina Holds the Line on REPS, But Allows Tax Credit to Expire

NEWS: Siemens Makes an Advanced Energy Commitment; Volkswagen Disrupts the Clean Diesel Market (But Not in a Good Way)

House Energy Bill Turns Partisan but Gives Utility Software-as-Service a Boost

Community Solar: PV for the Rest of Us

NEWS: More Companies Take the Pledge – for 100% Renewable Energy

Let the Planning Begin, Part 2: States Prepare to Comply with the Clean Power Plan — or Not

Let the Planning Begin, Part 1: States Prepare to Comply with the Clean Power Plan — or Not

NEWS:Take It From the WSJ: Wind + Solar + Storage + Demand Response = A Stable Grid

More Than Half a Loaf: California Sets ‘50-50 by 2030’ Goals for Renewables and Building Efficiency as 50% Oil Reduction Gets Shelved

Five Takeaways in Five Minutes: What the Clean Power Plan Means for Advanced Energy

NEWS: Solar Capacity Breaks Records at 20+ GW Installed with AEE Members Leading the Way

Can Utilities Get Smarter with Smart Meters?

NEWS: I Sing the Auto-Body Electric

RENEWABLE ENERGY NOTES: NREL Touts Wind; Transmission as the New Railroad; Community Solar Takes Off

ENERGY FINANCE: White House Announcement Clears Up PACE; Tax Extenders Pass Senate Finance

NEWS: Wind is Up, Solar is Down, as Wall Street has Its Own Ups and Downs 

North Carolina Bill Shows How Not to Approach Clean Power Plan Compliance

‘Pathway to 2050’ Focuses on California’s 2030 Goals, Utility Regulation and Business Models

NEWS: Google’s Solar Treasure Map; TVA Gets Ready to Throw Switch on First New Nuke Since 1996

NEWS: It’s Always Sunny in Orlando (and Maui); AEE Members Ink Big Deals

In Michigan, a Promising Process Upended by Legislation that Would Unravel Advanced Energy Commitments

Understanding IRPs: How Utilities Plan for the Future

NEWS: Clean Power Plan is the Story of the Week, with Reactions Mixed

NEWS: SolarCity Tackles the Small Business Market; REV and CPP Get Industry Revved Up

FEDERAL: Before Recess, Congress Bursts into Action with Tax Extenders and Energy Legislation

Wall Street Journal Op-ed Gets It Wrong on RPS

NEWS: SunEdison Makes a ($2.2 Billion) Deal, Offshore Wind Breaks Water

A Win and a Threat on Energy Efficiency in the Keystone State

NEWS: Wind’s a’Blowin’; Advanced Energy’s a’Growin’ in the Southeast and Beyond

Business Leaders Speak Out Against Threat to Renewable and Energy Efficiency Policies in North Carolina

Why We Should Expect a Robust Market Response to EPA’s Clean Power Plan

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Distributed Generation Spurs Review of Utility Rules

NEWS: California Dreamin’ of Distributed Energy Resources, as Utilities File Plans

FEDERAL: Can Congress Play “Small Ball” on a Big Topic like Energy?

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Waste Shifts from Disposal to Resource Recovery

10 Facts to Know and Tell about State Energy Policies

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Industrial CHP Continues to Hold Strong Potential

With Advanced Energy a $6.2 Billion Industry in Florida, AEE Makes Its Presence Known

FINANCE: Residential PACE on the Rise; Innovative Solar Financing

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Smarter Grid Technologies Make for Smart Cities

NEWS: Hawaii: 100% Renewable Paradise? Xcel Customers Catch a Break; New Nukes Get Backing

At Mid-Session, California is Poised to Set Higher Goals, Accelerate Advanced Energy Growth

Mid-Year Review: Top 10 Utility Commission Issues of 2015 - So Far

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Connectivity, Analytics Drive Energy Management

NEWS: Is that a Solar-Powered Energy Cloud Overhead?

ERCOT, Xcel Energy Show that Variable Renewable Energy is No Threat to Reliability

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Biofuels Flow To Niche and Emerging Markets

NEWS: Energy Storage and Its Discontents

Ohio’s Electricity Future Looks Like Advanced Energy

EPA GHG REGS: While Oklahoma Just Says ‘No,’ Other States Say, ‘Maybe’ - and Move Toward Advanced Energy

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Plug-in Electric and Natural Gas Vehicles Show Growth

NEWS: Apple, Google, and Facebook to NC Legislature: Keep REPS As Is; Energy Storage Updates

Water, the West, and the Clean Power Plan

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Energy Storage Poised to Shave Demand Charges

NEWS: Energy Gang Talks 21st Century Electricity System; GE’s Wind Holograms

Can EPA Use Advanced Energy To Save Money for States and Consumers in a Federal Plan under the CPP? You bet.

Five Drivers of Advanced Energy Growth

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Zero Net Energy: a Glimpse of Buildings Future

NEWS: Apple and Hawaii go for 100% Renewable; AEE Members Make Headlines

FEDERAL: Quadrennial Review, Senate Bills Put Spotlight on Energy

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Voltage and Volt-Ampere Reactive Optimization

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Fueling Stations Get Boost from Low Priced Gas

NEWS: With Powerwall, Musk Makes Energy Storage Cool

NERC’s Clean Power Plan ‘Phase I’ Report Misses Trends that Reduce Emissions, Maintain Reliability

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Smart Grid Data Management Analytics

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Innovations Transform Residential Energy Use

NEWS: Hawaii’s Advanced Energy “Postcard From the Future”

FINANCE: Direct Purchases of Advanced Energy; Yieldcos Close In on $100B

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Microgrids

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: New Hydropower in Developing Markets, Upgrades in the United States

NEWS: Batteries + Renewables = Growth; Kudos & Coverage for Member Companies

How Do Electric Utilities Make Money?

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: High Voltage Direct Current Transmission

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Scooters On the Way

INFOGRAPHIC: Virginia Employment Impacts Under Clean Power Plan Compliance, Reducing Out-of-State Energy Imports

NEWS: Is the End Really Nigh for Fossil Fuels? Or is the Future Simply Advanced Energy?

In Virginia, Clean Power Plan Can Create Thousands of Jobs – Even More, if Self-Sufficiency Is the Goal

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Transmission

States “Just Say No” to McConnell’s Anti-EPA Campaign

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Wind Booms in China, Rebounds in U.S., with Full Pipeline

NEWS: ‘Nodes and Connections’: How Solar-Plus-Storage Could Be a Game Changer Everywhere

FEDERAL: Here Comes the Quadrennial Energy Review. What Will Congress Do With It?

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Energy Storage

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: LNG Terminal Building Bonanza has Begun

NEWS: New Utility Model, Same as the Old Utility Model? In West Virginia, Tesla is Just a Small Town

North Carolina is Leading the Charge for Customer Access to Renewable Energy

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Smart Parking Systems Grow in North America, Globally

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Electric Vehicles

EPA GHG REGS: State Bills to Thwart Compliance with the Clean Power Plan Run into Opposition - from Utilities

NEWS: Solar + Energy Analytics; CHP = Energy Independence for Hospital

In Minnesota, Xcel Energy Proposes Performance-Based Rates, But With a Catch or Two

Major Steps Toward a 21st Century Electricity System in New York, California

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Distribution Automation and Network Efficiency

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Smart Buildings Make Mark Around the Globe

NEWS: Advanced Energy Moves Fast (But Not as Fast as a Ferrari)

FEDERAL: In D.C., it’s Energy Forward as Members, Partners Meet with Key Officials, Hear from EPA’s McCarthy

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Market Report Shows Strong Growth in U.S. and Globally, Last Year and Over Four Years

NEWS: Offshore Wind: ‘Steel in the Water This Summer'; Solar: ‘Order of Magnitude Growth’ Over Past Decade

Time Varying Rates: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Anaerobic Digestion

NEWS: New York Issues Order in Reforming the Energy Vision Proceeding, Turning Utilities into Distributed System Platform Managers

STATE: AEE and Partners Push for Energy Efficiency, Demand Response in Michigan and Pennsylvania

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Waste-to-Energy

FEDERAL: House Committee will Hear from AEE Members on Grid Modernization and Reliability

NEWS: SolarCity Slashes Installation Costs; Citigroup Pledges $100B for Projects

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Offshore Wind Power

FINANCE: Is 2015 the Year of the Yieldco? Global Investment in Key Advanced Energy Sectors Up 16% in 2014

NEWS: Another Week, Another Big Advanced Energy (Business) Deal – This Time with Google

Clean Power Plan vs. Reliability: A False Dilemma for States

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Onshore Wind Power

How Much Do You Know About Your Electric Utility?

NEWS: Advanced Energy – It’s Kind of a Big (Business) Deal

Does Merger Madness Signal Return of the Mega-Utility?

INFOGRAPHIC: Advanced Energy Leads California Jobs Growth

NEWS: New U.S. Electricity Capacity is 99% Pure Advanced Energy

FEDERAL: President’s Budget Favors Advanced Energy – But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

‘Factbook’ has the Facts on Advanced Energy Progress – with Grand Totals Coming in a Few Weeks

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Utility-Scale Solar Power

NEWS: Dispatches from the Utility of the Future and the First LED-Lit Super Bowl

AC/DC: In the New Current Wars, Will Edison Win Out After All?

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Residential and Commercial Building Solar Power

EPA GHG REGS: We Read the Comments, So You Don't Have To, Part 5: Industry Groups and Environmental Groups

NEWS: Solar and Wind's Boom Year; FERC Demand Response Case; HECO vs. Net Metering

FEDERAL: State of the Union Highlights Progress, Draws Lines in Sand

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Modular Nuclear Power

EPA GHG REGS: We Read the Comments, So You Don't Have To, Part 4: Utilities

NEWS: Advanced Vehicles Stand Out at Auto Show; Solar Jobs; Strange Bedfellows

All Around the Country, Advanced Energy Companies are Creating Jobs

Top 10 Utility Commission Issues to Watch in 2015

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Utility-scale Nuclear Power

EPA GHG REGS: We Read the Comments, So You Don't Have To, Part 3: ISOs and RTOs

NEWS: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; Cape Wind Off the Rails?

FEDERAL: GOP Takes Charge of Congress, Vowing Open Debate While Taking On the White House

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Marine Power

EPA GHG REGS: We Read the Comments, So You Don't Have To, Part 2: States

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Hydroelectric Power

EPA GHG REGS: We Read the Comments, So You Don't Have To, Part 1: State & Federal Regulator Associations

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2014

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top Trends in State Energy Legislation

YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 10 Utility Commission Actions of 2014

NEWS: Big Solar Deals, Advanced Nuclear Loans, and Tapping the ‘Cold Darkness of the Universe’

STATE: In California and Iowa, Advanced Energy Means Lots of Jobs

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Geothermal Power

NEWS: Someone Actually Did Buy Hawaii’s utility; EnerNOC Buys Pulse Energy

FEDERAL: Tax Extenders on the Rocks – with Action Alert

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Gas Turbines (Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle)

CPS Energy seeking partners to test “grid of the future,” bring more value to customers

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Fuel Cells

EPA GHG REGS: Post-Election State Roundup on the Clean Power Plan

NEWS: Wind deals, solar forecasts, and a bus that runs on… well…

STATE: Arizona Regulators Ponder Utility-Owned Rooftop Solar While Competitors Object to Monopoly Advantages

In the Clean Power Plan, EPA – and states – can count on advanced energy to do more

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Biomass Co-firing

NEWS: Energy from Ice and the World’s Largest Battery; Texas Looks to Join the Energy Storage Game

FEDERAL: AEE Analysis of the Impacts of the Election on the Advanced Energy Sector

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Biomass Power

NEWS: Electricity Superhighway in KS, Storage Bumper Crop in CA, and – oh, yes – the Election

STATE: New York Green Bank Begins Lending, Quietly Changing the Finance Game

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Efficient Water Heaters

NEWS: ‘Terrordome’ is Nothing to Fear; Keeping Up with the Joneses on Energy Use, Solar Panels

FEDERAL: Post-Election Day, Tax Extenders Will Be a Bipartisan Opportunity

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Waste Energy Recovery (WER)

NEWS: Price is Right for Storage – or Is It? Utilities’ Pot Power Problem

EPA GHG REGS: Even in opposition, states are preparing ways to meet Clean Power Plan requirements

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Residential Energy Efficiency Improvements

NEWS: Get Ready, Get Set, Go – Offshore Wind in the USA!

FEDERAL: Abandoned Solar Project Highlights Pitfalls of Tax Uncertainty

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Efficient Lighting and Intelligent Lighting Controls

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

STATE: In California, Legislative Victories – and a Bullet Dodged

Giving States the Credit They Deserve for Global Leadership

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Ground-Source and Air-Source Heat Pumps

NEWS: Demand Response, Energy Storage Manage Demand Peaks; NY Gets a Gigafactory

A New Approach to Valuing the Benefits and Costs of Distributed Energy Resources

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Energy Service Company (ESCO) Services

NEWS: RPS Delivers Solar in NC, Freezes in OH; Plus, All-Electric Garbage Trucks – and Harley!

FEDERAL: Senate Finance Talks Energy Tax Reform, EPA Extends Comment Period, and No Review for Demand Response Ruling

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Energy Analytics

NEWS: Does Energy Have a Place in the Sharing Economy?

Devil is in the Details on NY’s Reforming the Energy Vision

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: District Energy

EPA GHG REGS: Round-Up of State Action and Reaction on Proposed Clean Power Plan

NEWS: Tesla’s Gigafactory Finds a Home in Nevada

FEDERAL: Congress Likely to Punt Major Issues To Lame Duck

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Demand Response (DR)

NEWS: Verizon Teams with SunPower; UBS Touts EVs and Storage

STATE: Iowa Ruling Shows the Way to Third Party Solar Without Legislation

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Industrial CHP

NEWS: Nearly 100% of New Generating Capacity This Year is Advanced Energy

FEDERAL: Finally, Good News Out of Washington: IRS Clarifies Tax Credit; Court Upholds FERC Order

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

NEWS: As Coal Declines, U.S. Poised for Leadership in LNG Exports

STATE: Business Leaders, Regulators, Lawmakers Explore ‘Pathway to 2050’

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Efficient Building Insulation

California needs a pathway to achieving energy and climate goals

NEWS: PACE Lives! First Solar Breaks Efficiency Record; Jet Fuel from Tobacco

STATE: Utility-Owned Rooftop Solar Could Be A Game Changer – But Is It Fair?

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Efficient Building Envelope

NEWS: Not Your Grandpa’s Utility Business Model

FEDERAL: AEE, Partners, Members Testify on EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Building Energy Management Systems

State Policies And New Market Realities Help Drive Utilities’ Advanced Energy Deployment

NEWS: GE Tackles Fuel Cells, Google Issues “Little Box” Challenge, and Smart Grid Drones Prepare for Takeoff

STATE: Delaware Passes SB 150, Paving the Way for More Energy Efficiency

Advanced Energy Technology of the Week: Behavioral Efficiency

NEWS: Resiliency Through Microgrids; EVs and PV: 'Great Tastes that Taste Great Together’

FEDERAL: House Spending Bills Come Up Short; FERC Commissioners Finally Confirmed

Quiet Work Builds Bipartisan Support for Advanced Energy

NEWS: Con Ed Goes Big on Efficiency; Crane’s Solar-Natgas Dream; WTO Opens Tariff Talks

STATE: In Mass., Compromise Pairs Net Metering With Declining Solar Incentives

NEWS: GE Scores Alstom Deal; GM Gets Shade from Solar; Georgia Finds EPA Carbon Standards “Modest”

FEDERAL: DOE Offers First Offshore Wind Loan Guarantee

NEWS: EPA and Energy Efficiency; Solar Shows Value in Theory and Practice

STATE: AEE Scores Wins for Prop 39 and Cap-and-Trade Investments in California’s Budget

AEE’s PowerSuite is the technology solution for mastering legislation and utility commission dockets in all 50 states

NEWS: Tesla’s Patents “Belong To You”; SolarCity Moves to Manufacturing

FEDERAL: Senate Committee Approves FERC Nominees; House Leadership Shake-Up

NEWS: Buffett Doubles Down; Google Enters Utility Space; Machines Get Smart

STATE: National Lab Shows RPS Pays Off at Low Cost

Modernizing the Electric Grid, Part 3: A Cleaner System with a New Customer Focus

NEWS: Energy Storage Front and Center; “I almost bought Hawaii’s Utility”

FEDERAL: EPA’s Draft Carbon Emissions Rule Takes the Town by Storm

NEWS: EPA Carbon Regs Countdown Dominates the Week

STATE: Setback in Indiana, Danger in Ohio, But Gains in Colorado, South Carolina, and New Hampshire

O’Malley Vetoes Bill, Protects Maryland Wind Power Prospects

Modernizing the Electric Grid, Part 2: Reliability, Resiliency, and Restoration

NEWS: Advanced Vehicles in California and Indiana; Solar Sets a New Output Record

FEDERAL: Senate Gridlock Continues as Tax Extenders, Shaheen-Portman Fall Short

The Emerging Energy Cloud and the Challenge to Utilities

Modernizing the Electric Grid, Part 1: Striving for Efficiency in Energy and Capital

NEWS: AEE Member Company Wins; Solar Gets (Cost) Competitive; Aviation Biofuels

STATES: In Ohio, Battle Royale Over Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rages On

FINANCE: Up to $4B in DOE Loan Guarantees; Legislation Filed for Federal 'Green Bank'

EPA GHG REGS: EPA Rules to Come Out June 2, New Report on Technologies for Carbon Reduction

NEWS: Judge Fed Up with Cape Wind Lawsuits; Hawaii Shakes Up the Utility Business Model

FEDERAL: Shaheen-Portman Efficiency Bill Goes to the Senate Floor – or Is it Limbo?

The case for grid-connected electric vehicles

NEWS: Big Deals from A(lstom) to A(mbri), plus Exelon and a Desert Energy Tower

STATE: Industry Offers Vision for Utility Business Model, Regulatory Change in NY

NEWS: New Power Capacity is all Advanced Energy, Utilities in a Changing Market, Google and Apple Invest, Solar Cell Turns 60

FEDERAL: Departments of Energy & Defense say “Hooah!” to Advanced Energy

FINANCE: Senate Finance Extends PTC, SunEdison Establishes Yieldco, & More

NEWS: AEE Members Expand Globally and Locally

STATES: Water is Becoming an Energy Issue

NEWS: Opower’s Secret of Success; Advanced Energy Saving Money for the Navy and Wal-Mart

FEDERAL: Senate Finance Approves Bill to Extend Tax Credits; House Begins Hearings

EPA GHG REGS: Budget Sends Signal; McCarthy Huddles with Podesta; New Studies on Impact

NEWS: Texas Wind Record; Vestas Hot Streak; O’Reilly Speaks Up for Tesla

STATE: Déjà Vu in Kansas, as RPS Rollback is Rejected for Second Time

Driving Electric Vehicle Adoption in Northern Colorado

NEWS: Tesla’s State Battles Continue; Kansas Rejects RPS Rollback (Again); Indiana Stops Energizing

On Energy Review, DOE “Can’t Do Anything without State and Regional Support,” says Kenderdine

Bringing the Clean Energy Story to Life in Illinois

FEDERAL: Tax Extenders to be Taken Up by Both Chambers

NEWS: Heating Costs Chill the Economy; Solar, Hydro Get Valued; Offshore Wind Gets Dinged in NJ

STATES: Bills Pending on PUC Authority, EPA Rules, Advanced Energy Investments

NEWS: Tesla vs. Jersey; Networked Streetlamps; Ultra-thin LEDs

FEDERAL: House Passes Efficiency Bill; President’s Budget Would Make Tax Credits Permanent

NEWS: The Numbers Are In! Solar’s Best Year (so far); High ROI for Efficiency

STATES: Oregon Makes A Deal with Co-ops on RPS

NEWS: This Week’s Word to Watch? Billions! Tesla's $5B Gigafactory & GE's New $10B Investment

FEDERAL: Camp Proposes Eliminating Advanced Energy Credits; Wyden Pushes Extenders

Expansion of California Energy Finance Programs Offers Opportunity for Greater Coordination and Leverage

Business is Booming – and Policy Makes a Difference

NEWS: AEE Market Report Shows Growth; Large Scale Solar Shines in the Desert

NEWS: NY Goes for Smarter Grid; EnerNOC Makes a Deal; Opower Files for IPO

FEDERAL: New Finance Chair Touts Tax Extenders as Posturing Over EPA Continues

NEWS: Utilities and Solar Square Off (Again); Goldman Goes All In; Tesla Goes Cross-Country

STATE: Though Hardly an Olympic Event, Race for Offshore Wind Heats Up

The Danger in Energy Now is Not Dependency, but Complacency

NEWS: Zero Net Energy Auto Dealer; AEE Members Team Up & Make News; Super Bowl (Energy) Predictions

As President Calls for a “Smarter Tax Policy,” AEE Keeps Up Drumbeat for Tax Extenders

STATE: Massachusetts Orders Utilities to Modernize the Grid with Advanced Metering

NEWS: Google Feathers Its Nest; Khosla Talks Back; First Solar Makes a Splash

FEDERAL: Tax Credits, Reform in Limbo; EPA in Crosshairs

State Energy Innovators

NEWS: ‘60 Minutes’ Strains Credulity; Polar Vortex Strains Grid

Thanks to Efficiency Upgrades, Home Energy Use Is Back to 2001 Levels

EPA GHG REGS: McCabe Nominated; States Want Flexibility, Recognition for Current Efforts

FEDERAL: Tax Uncertainty Hurting Advanced Energy

FEDERAL: Tax Credit Extensions, Tax Reform, EPA GHG Regs for Power Plants Top 2014 Agenda

Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2013 (Part Two)

Top 10 Advanced Energy News Stories of 2013 (Part One)

FEDERAL: Tax Reform Draft is Out, But Extending Current Tax Credits More Pressing

Presidential Memorandum Doubles Down on Advanced Energy for Federal Agencies

Toward a New Power Platform: 10 Steps

NEWS: 100% Growth in Energy? Mapping LEDs and CFLs; Managing Demand in Japan and the Military

Beyond Sweaters: Unleashing Behavioral Energy Efficiency

STATE: Ohio Win Over Bill to ‘Gut’ Efficiency, Renewable Standards Caps Strong Year

EPA GHG REGS: Climate Advisor Change, Legal Challenges, NARUC Resolution and other News

Toward a New Power Platform: No More Doom and Gloom

NEWS: Solar+Battery Offer; AEE Companies in Japan; Virgin Enters Formula E

FEDERAL: Wind, Biofuels, Efficiency Benefits Set to Expire

Toward a New Power Platform: Making Consumers King

Toward a New Power Platform: Why We Can Move Quickly

AEE Partners Gather in Boston to Take Stock, Look Ahead

NEWS: Advanced Vehicles Steal the Show in LA, Tokyo

FEDERAL: Biofuels Dialed Back, Tax Reform Inching Forward

Toward a New Power Platform: Lessons from Telecom

NEWS: Facebook’s Wind-Powered Data Center; AZ Net Metering Debate Continues

The Tesla Tug-Of-War

STATE: Efficiency Rankings Show Disparities at the Top in CHP, Appliances

Zichal: Advanced Energy Companies Need to ‘Connect the Dots’

A Veterans Day Message – with Infographic

NEWS: Microsoft’s Big Wind Investment; Solar Powered Marines

FEDERAL: Tax Credit Expiration Looms, While Stalled Efficiency Bill Gets Vow of House Support

NEWS: Solar on the Rise; State Coalition Forms Around Carbon Pricing

Calls for “Good Regulation” at CNEE’s Natural Gas Symposium

For the 21st Century Electricity System, ‘Innovation is Happening’

NEWS: 8 State Advanced Vehicle Coalition; FERC Chair Lauds Microgrid, Finds Landing Spot

DC UPDATE: Bipartisan Efficiency Bills, Power Plant Regs on Tap Post Shutdown

Guide to Making Cities Resilient in Energy, Water, and Waste

NEWS: California’s Storage Mandate, Walmart Tops Solar List, CNG Impala

STATES: Industry Forum Identifies Policies for Energy Productivity

NEWS: Internet-Enabled Efficiency—It’s All Connected

DC UPDATE: Shutdown Hampers Industry, Bottles Up Shaheen-Portman

NEWS: Xcel Finds Solar and Wind are Bargains

Think ‘Exergy’ Efficiency for Boosting the Economy

NEWS: Top 5 Stories in Advanced Energy cite Big Deals and a New Challenge in Ohio

DC UPDATE: EPA Floats Power Plant Rule; Shaheen-Portman Bumped

PUCs: Are EV Charging Stations Utilities?

NEWS: With EVs, it’s not all Tesla all the time

STATE: Advanced Energy Racks Up More Legislative Wins in California

NEWS: Wheels and Deals are Driving Advanced Energy Investment

DC UPDATE: Shaheen-Portman Debated; EPA Power Plant Regs Await

Advanced Energy from the Ocean

A Shift Toward Rewarding Utilities for Performance

NEWS: Utilities – Are They ‘Dinosaurs,’ ‘Telecoms,’ or in Transition?

DC UPDATE: Advanced Energy and FERC, or What Binz Could Inherit

AEE Brings Industry, Officials Together to Pave ‘Pathway’

NEWS: Weather-Related Outages Become More Frequent and Costly

STATES: New Laws Pave the Way for Cars Without Drivers

DC UPDATE: Can Shaheen-Portman Survive ‘Pent Up Demand’?

NEWS: Advanced Energy Shows Its Bipartisan Appeal

NEWS: EVs ‘Crushing It’; Hybrids Making It; LED Streetlights

STATE: ALEC Prepares New Attack on RPS for Next Session

NEWS: Offshore Wind – Sold! Sapphire Pays Back Federal Loan

DC UPDATE: Shaheen-Portman is Back; Tax Plans are Locked Up

PUCs: On the Front Line of the Brewing Net Metering Battle

Toward a 21st Century Electricity System

NEWS: Heat Wave Strains Grid, Triggers Demand Response

STATE UPDATE: Legislative Scorecard is 56 Wins, No RPS Losses

NEWS: Investment Up, Net Metering in Dispute, Tesla > Fiat

AEE invites you to VERGE San Francisco – with Discount

DC UPDATE: Nominees to Get Votes; Tax Reform ‘Blank Slate’

Everything You Need to Know about Public Utility Commissions

NEWS: Will Shutdowns Lead to Next-Generation Nukes?

The Real RPS Story is Not Rollback

DOE Issues Solicitation for Advanced Fossil Fuel Projects

Podcast: Advanced Energy Legislative Tracker

NEWS: Advanced Energy for Walmart, MidAmerican, Houston

DC UPDATE: Obama Touts Efficiency, Power Plant Standards

LEDs: Advanced Energy Lighting Approaching Take Off

NEWS: Hints of Power Plant Regs; Food Waste to Energy

STATE UPDATE: Advocacy Wins Balanced Approach to Hydro

CPS Energy hosts energy CEOs, innovators

Court Ruling: Win for FERC, Not Much Threat to RPS

NEWS: U.S. leads in M&A Google’s Offshore Wind ‘Backbone’

DC UPDATE: White House Pushes Transmission; RFS Questioned

NEWS: Offshore Wind Auction; Solar’s Lesson for Efficiency

STATE UPDATE: Energy Performance Contracts for Vehicles

Leveraging Private Capital to Boost Prop 39 Energy Savings

Forum Gets Utility Commissioners Talking Advanced Energy

NEWS WRAP-UP: Tesla Super-Sizes; California Breaks Records

DC UPDATE: Moniz Touts Efficiency; FERC Chair to Step Down

NYC Cleanweb Competition Spurs Innovation Through Open Data

NEWS WRAP-UP: States Fight Back & Solar Boom on the Way

STATE UPDATE: RPS Survives in Two States, Expands in Two

Podcast: Shared Solar

NEWS WRAP-UP: Natural Gas Gains Ground on Land & Sea

Gov. Brown Takes Wrong Turn on Advanced Energy Funds

DC UPDATE: Energy efficiency may move in divided Congress

Podcast: Behavioral Reporting for Energy Efficiency

NEWS WRAP-UP: Military Sees Strength in Advanced Energy

STATE UPDATE: AEL Tracker Follows Legislation and Trends

FEDERAL UPDATE: MLPs, Other Energy Tax Reforms Get Aired

NEWS WRAP-UP: Fisker breaks down while EVs take off

Podcast: 3rd Party Solar Featuring Sunrun's Holly Gordon

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How PACE Became Law in Arkansas

STATE UPDATE: Commercial Customers Pick Up PACE

Turning Data into Intelligence for Energy Decisions

How innovation and regulation can work together

Intelligent Microgrid Systems Manage Costs, Reduce Risks

Advanced Energy Economy offers discount to VERGE Boston

NEWS WRAP-UP: FERC: Advanced Energy Accounts for All New Capacity

FEDERAL UPDATE: AEE Takes Energy Tax Policy Reform to the Hill

AEE Proposes Energy Tax Reform Principles and Framework

NEWS WRAP-UP: MD Offshore Wind Bill Signed, AR Passes PACE

Advanced Energy Legislation in NM, feat. Howard Gellar

New Mexico Picks Better Cost Test for Energy Efficiency

Build it & they will come: America's EV charging challenge

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AEE's Federal Update: Budget, Agencies, and Keystone

Bringing Advanced Energy to California Schools under Prop 39

Advanced Energy Economy blog begins!

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in an Advanced Energy Infrastructure Now

RPS Under Pressure While Solar Takes Off

State Advanced Energy Legislation On the Move


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