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Arizona’s Clean Energy Rules Are Back on Track – But Derailment Is Still a Danger

ADVANCED INDUSTRY: Energy Management, CHP Drive Market Growth

For AEE, an Indiana Legislative Session with Real Progress and Minimal Setbacks

ADVANCED FUEL DELIVERY: Following a Monumental Year for EV Charging Infrastructure, Technology Innovation

A Stormy Post-Crisis Legislative Session Yields Wins for Advanced Energy in Texas

Electrification Could Happen in a New York Minute. If It Does, New York Stands to Gain in Jobs and Economic Growth.

ADVANCED FUEL PRODUCTION: Ethanol Drops Sharply as Hydrogen Gets a New Look

Top 10 State Legislative Issues of 2021

ADVANCED ELECTRICITY GENERATION: Wind Powers 10% Revenue Growth in 2020

With Two Weeks Left in Session, ‘New Energy Economy Act’ Sets Up Nevada for Success

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION: 2020’s Fastest Growing Market Segment is Driven by Sales of Plug-In Electric Vehicles

Colorado Transportation Bill Paves the Way for Electric Transportation

BUILDING EFFICIENCY: Residential Energy Efficiency, Smart Appliances Drive 5% Growth in U.S.

With Senate Approval and Early Success in the House, Colorado Bill Promises Modern Grid and Regional Market

OVERVIEW: U.S. Advanced Energy Revenue Showed Growth in Advanced Vehicles, Building Efficiency, Storage, Wind Energy

With Election Coming, Virginia AEE Engages with Candidates for Governor, Attorney General

Electrified Transportation is a Classic California Success Story. Can the State Stay in the Driver’s Seat?

NEWS: Solar Sees Record Growth, Offshore Wind Gets Going, Electric Vehicles Hit the Mainstream, and more

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At 3.2 Million Workers, Advanced Energy Jobs Are On the Rebound and Ready to Take Off

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After Grid Outages from Winter Storms, the Texas Legislature Faces a Blizzard of Bills. Here’s How to Track Them.

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In Indiana Battle Over Self-Commitment, Did Money-Losing Plants Win This Round? Not Entirely

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U.S. Postal Service Misses Delivery in Order for ‘Next Gen’ Vehicles

Here’s How to ‘Build Back Better’ with Advanced Energy Investment

Annual BCSE Factbook Shows Advanced Energy Stood the Test of COVID

Virginia Clean Economy Act Faces Critical Test in Dominion RPS Filing

ERCOT Cold-Weather Blackouts Point to the Need for More Advanced Energy

In Arizona, an All-Out Assault on the ACC’s Clean Energy Rules

To Unlock More Corporate Advanced Energy Procurement, Look to RTOs and ISOs

Adding it All Up for Voluntary Buyers of Renewable Energy

Nevada Should Join the EV Fleet Bandwagon

Time to Stop Sticking Hoosiers with the Bill for Running Coal Plants at a Loss

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MOPR and More: Where the Minimum Offer Price Rule and Related Measures Stand Going Into 2021

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Thanks to Fleet Orders and New Models, Trucks Are Poised to Drive U.S. Electric Vehicle Adoption

How Advanced Energy Companies Can Navigate RTOs/ISOs to Business Success

Can California’s Corporate Customers Get ‘Direct Access’ to Renewable Energy? CPUC Staff Report Says…Maybe

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Federal Stimulus Investment in Advanced Energy – Here’s What It Would Mean for Eight States

So California’s Going 100% Electric by 2035 – Just What EVs Need to Take Off

FERC Opens the Door for DERs in Wholesale Markets. Now It’s Up to Grid Operators to Bring Them In.

Florida Legislative Candidates Hear About Potential for Advanced Energy Growth in EVs, Solar Energy

As #EEDay2020 Approaches in the Midst of COVID-19, Energy Efficiency is More Relevant Than Ever

In Indiana, Fighting the Secret Bailout for Coal Plants: ‘Self-Scheduling’

In Texas, Legislative Candidates Hear About DERs, EVs, Storage

Despite Pandemic, Blackouts, and Wildfires, California Legislature Comes Through with Wins for Electric Transportation and Energy Efficient Schools

Leaving Markets is No Easy Answer to FERC Orders that Undercut State Clean Energy Commitments

Why Wholesale Markets are Important to an Advanced Energy Future

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020 – So Far

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How Energy Efficiency and Demand Response are Turning Electricity Supply and Demand Upside Down – and Saving Money

‘Clean Cars’ Initiative Puts Nevada in the Driver's Seat for Electric Transportation

Advanced Energy Should Lead Economic Recovery Post COVID. Here’s How It Can Happen in California.

A Supply Chain is Growing for Electric Transportation. Here’s What It Could Do For One State.

Before the Pandemic, Advanced Energy was Winning. Here’s What We Have to Do to Get Back in the Winner’s Circle.

AEE and APS Target 10 Solutions for Arizona’s Clean Energy Future

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5 Steps for States to Keep Advanced Energy Progress on Track

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Distributed Energy Resources are the Next Step in Texas Energy Leadership – and a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

FPL’s SolarTogether Points Florida toward a Sunnier Future

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At 3.6 Million Jobs in 2019, Advanced Energy Was Growing. Then the Pandemic Hit.

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Florida Legislature Sets the Stage for a Sunny EV Market

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Anatomy of an Advanced Energy Win in Virginia

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2020 ‘Factbook’ Reveals a Decade’s Shift to Advanced Energy

One Giant Leap for Energy Efficiency in New York

Why the Indiana Legislature Should Reject Bill to Save Coal

At Auto Show, Automakers Tout Latest Electric Models, Range, and Apps Ahead of Super Bowl Ad Blitz

Will Clean Energy Commitments Lead to a Regional Market in the West?

As Illinois Gov. Pritzker Promises Legislation, AEE Brings Member Companies to Talk Advanced Energy with Deputy

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Market Briefs Shed Light on the Benefits of DERs and Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets

Why a Bandage Fix for Cost-Effectiveness Testing Isn’t Enough

Virginia Clean Economy Act Offers Growth, Jobs, and Savings

How a New FERC Order Could Set Back Our Industry, Cost Consumers Money, and Turn the Tables on States that Want Advanced Energy

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Texas Executive Forum Grapples with the Next Phase of Grid Innovation: Integrating Distributed Energy Resources

Silver State Deserves Gold Medal for Advanced Energy Job Growth

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Executive Forum Looks to Capture Value for Consumers From Microgrids, Energy Storage, and Renewable Natural Gas

How an Obscure Pricing Rule and Transmission Holdups Could Put Advanced Energy Resources on Ice

What Would It Take to Get to a 100% Clean Energy Economy? AEE Offers Congress Its Perspective.

In Florida, Legislators Hear about Jobs, Savings, and EVs from AEE and Member Companies

At Advanced Energy Now | West, Target of 100% Clean Energy Came into Focus

Advanced Transportation Bills Highlight a Successful Legislative Session in California

How Wholesale Electricity Markets Work – and Don’t

Florida’s Forecast is Sunny for Advanced Energy Jobs

VA Gov. Northam Hears from AEE, Business Leaders About How to Reach His 100% Clean Energy Goal

What's Your Superpower? On Oct. 2, Let's All Show Off Our Strength By Getting More From Less

Challenge to FERC and the Senate: Opening Wholesale Markets to Competition from All Advanced Energy Technologies

Here’s a Glimpse of What Distributed Energy Resources Could Bring to Wholesale Markets – If They Are Given A Chance

Rocky Mountain High: Advanced Energy Jobs in Colorado Exceed Hospitals, Double Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction

Advanced Energy Jobs Help Make Indiana Truly ‘A State That Works’

AEE Goes to Court to Stop Utilities and States From ‘Opting Out’ of FERC Energy Storage Rules

With Jobs Topping 100,000, Advanced Energy in Virginia Shows Growth and Untapped Potential

EVs Go Big as Fleet Owners, Transit Authorities, Local Governments Eye the Benefits of Electric Buses and Trucks

Ohio Stumbles Toward the Past on Energy Policy

ADVANCED ELECTRICITY GENERATION: Solar, Wind Drive 8% U.S. Growth in 2018

California Legislature Delivers Critical Wildfire Package to Stabilize Utilities and Maintain Energy Goals

ADVANCED FUEL DELIVERY: Revenue from Natural Gas and Hydrogen Fuel Stations is Up, After Three Years of Decline

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2019 – So Far

ADVANCED INDUSTRY: Industrial Energy Management Systems Drive U.S. Growth, Lead Toward Industrial Internet of Things

When ‘Clean Street Meets Wall Street,’ Advanced Energy Markets Move Ahead

ADVANCED FUEL PRODUCTION: Ethanol Rebounds in U.S. After Decline

Standby and Buyback Rates Can Hurt the Economics of Distributed Generation. New York Just Took Action to Fix That.

ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION: U.S. Revenue from Plug-In Electric Vehicles Surges 75% in 2018

At Advanced Energy Now | East, Business and Government Leaders Focus on Ways to Drive Advanced Energy Growth

ELECTRICITY DELIVERY & MANAGEMENT: Energy Storage, EV Charging Infrastructure, Microgrids, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure Lead Growth

Colorado Legislature Comes Through with 13 Bills Boosting Advanced Energy

BUILDING EFFICIENCY: The Largest Segment of U.S. Advanced Energy Keeps on Growing

UK RIIO Sets Out to Demonstrate How a Performance-Based Regulatory Model Can Deliver Value

In Texas, Incentives for Wind & Solar Development Were Extended, but Storage Questions Go Back to PUCT

OVERVIEW: Advanced Energy Continues to Grow, in U.S. and Worldwide

A Compelling Opportunity for Growth from Offshore Wind: Domestic Supply Chain

Is Your State Missing Out on Corporate Renewable Energy Purchasing? Here’s How It Can Catch Up

Virginia’s ‘Grid Transformation and Security Act’ Bears Fruit in Energy Efficiency

States are Getting Charged Up about Electric Vehicles

In Indiana, Legislative Session Ends with Significant Wins for Advanced Energy

Nevada’s Advanced Energy Economy Gets a Bipartisan Boost

University of Chicago Analysis of RPS is a Working Paper that Still Needs Work

Making Cloud Computing and Other Services Pay for Utilities and Customers

AEE Goes to the Auto Show to Introduce the Media to EVs

AEE Touts Advanced Energy Legislation in Colorado to Meet Governor’s Goals

Green New Deal vs. Green Real Deal: What Do They Mean for Advanced Energy?

Topping 3.5 Million Workers, Advanced Energy Employment Grows Twice as Fast as All U.S. Jobs

Alongside Gov. Ritter, AEE Emphasizes Economic Benefits of Advanced Energy to Nevada Lawmakers

AEE to FERC: Confirm that ISO New England Can’t Change Rules for Energy Efficiency Resources without Following Established Processes

BQDM Program Demonstrates Benefits of Non-Traditional Utility Investments

Ohio Legislators, Staff Hear from AEE Members at Advanced Energy Showcase

Midway Through the Legislative Session, Indiana AEE Counts Early Wins as Harmful Bills Get Blocked and Positive Bills Move Forward

Pointing to Market Realities, AEE Challenges Rollback of Fuel-Efficiency Standards for Light- Duty Vehicles

With Key Appointments, New Governors Take Early Steps Toward Advanced Energy

Oklahoma's Energy Efficiency Incentives Give Utilities a Business Reason to Save Customers Money

Texas Regulators Stand Pat on Transmission Cost Allocation, Make ERCOT Market Tweaks in Advance of Summer, and Launch Exam of EV Issues

Latest 'Factbook' Shows Advanced Energy Powered U.S. Economy in 2018

At Halftime in the Virginia General Assembly, Advanced Energy Plays Offense and Defense

TAEBA Showcases Advanced Energy Innovation at Texas Capitol

Behavioral Demand Response Gives Baltimore Gas and Electric a Business Reason to Reduce Peak Usage

Here’s How the New Congress Can Boost Advanced Energy and Grow the Economy

What do Hawaii and Pennsylvania (and Several Other States) Have in Common? They’re Charting a Course Toward Utility Regulatory Reform.

Storage, DERs, ‘Fuel Security,’ PURPA – Just Some of the Issues to Watch in Wholesale Markets

5 State Policy Issues to Watch in 2019

Talk of ‘Green New Deal’ Puts Advanced Energy in the National Spotlight

Indiana AEE Gives Legislators ‘Energy 101’ Briefing featuring Utility, Regulators, Cummins

Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2018

Pioneering a Performance-Based Future for Energy Efficiency, California Utilities are Creating an Opportunity for Innovation Not to be Missed

Through Long and Winding Process, Corporate Procurement of Renewable Energy in Michigan Gets Better

The Numbers are In and Renewables are Winning On Price Alone

What’s Been Trending on PowerSuite? Self-Generation Incentives in Calif., Resource Planning in Mich., Grid Modernization and RPS Everywhere

What Congress Can Learn from Texas about Heat Waves and Competitive Markets

Distribution system planning: Proactively planning for more distributed assets at the grid edge

Five Takeaways for Advanced Energy From Last Week’s Election

Business Leader Nat Kreamer Named CEO of AEE

The Next Big Energy Innovation May Not Be A Gadget

How Public Utility Commissions Can Prepare for Electric Vehicles, in Seven Steps

Industry Leaders Highlight Advanced Energy Opportunities for Nevada Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Sisolak

Ohio Powers Forward With Utility Reform Process, But There’s Much Left To Do

Where Do Candidates for Governor Stand on Advanced Energy Growth? In Nine States, AEE is Keeping Score.

Business Leaders Discuss Energy Priorities with Florida Democratic L.G. Nominee Chris King

At FERC, PJM Capacity Market Rules are Up for Grabs, With Much at Stake for Advanced Energy Resources

Ohio Lt. Gov. Candidate Husted Hears How Republican Ticket Can Embrace Advanced Energy

Businesses Discuss Energy Priorities with Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial Hopeful Richard Cordray

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