AEE’s PowerSuite is the technology solution for mastering legislation and utility commission dockets in all 50 states

Posted by Steve Chadima on Jun 25, 2014 1:36:30 PM

For anyone working to accelerate the growth of advanced energy through public policy, the frustration is familiar. State energy legislation and regulatory paperwork are hard to find and new developments harder to follow. Documents and records are buried in outmoded websites with confusing interfaces, with every state’s different. Staying on top of state energy policy has meant searching state by state and keeping track of information manually with lists and spreadsheets. Following new developments in more than one state has been a nightmare – and a big expense.


Today, AEE is pleased to offer a solution. PowerSuite is the only fully integrated set of online tools for tracking energy legislation and regulatory proceedings across all 50 states. Developed by our in-house software team, PowerSuite is available only from AEE.


As the business voice of advanced energy, AEE developed PowerSuite to help member companies navigate the complex and ever-changing energy policy and regulatory arena in states across the country. Simply put, PowerSuite will save our members time and money.


But PowerSuite is available to non-members, too. Subscribers in academia, law firms, and nonprofit organizations will find it a powerful new way to keep up with policy changes across the country. PowerSuite is the tool that advanced energy companies, professional service providers, and policy advocates have been waiting for.


Check out the video demo and sign up for a free two-week trial:




The first two tools in PowerSuite offer solutions to navigating both the legislative process and public utility dockets. Billboard allows individuals and teams to track the progress of energy-specific legislation as it moves through a state house. DocketDash tracks public utility dockets, including hundreds of thousands of pages of proceedings and testimony. Users can set up notifications of changes in bills or dockets by tagging them as “favorites” and share summaries, notes, and other information with colleagues. Additional tools developed for PowerSuite in the future will share this common interface and functionality.


AEE is offering PowerSuite as a benefit of AEE membership for Leadership Council and Business Council members, and at a discount for General Members. The service is also available by subscription, with special rates for government employees, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Subscriptions are offered at a 20% discount through September 30.


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