AEE-Sponsored EV Charging Infrastructure Bill in California is On Its Way

Posted by Amisha Rai on Apr 19, 2018 11:57:00 AM


In his State of the State address in January, Gov. Jerry Brown set a new goal of 5 million zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the road in California by 2030. Just a day later, the Governor formalized this goal through an Executive Order, which identified an expansion of charging infrastructure – specifically, 250,000 installed chargers by 2025 – along with an expansion of vehicle rebates as the most critical needs in order for the state to hit the target. A new bill sponsored by AEE would address the charging infrastructure challenge and set the state on course toward having the charging capacity needed to support a mass market for EVs.

Sponsored by AEE and authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting, AB 2127 would require the California Energy Commission (CEC) to conduct an assessment of charging infrastructure needs and progress of buildout statewide every two years. This ongoing process of assessment will provide policymakers with the information they need to accelerate and effectively deploy EV charging infrastructure across all vehicle classes to meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction targets and the Governor’s 5 million ZEV vehicle goal.

AEE and other supporters of AB 2127 believe that the legislation will result in more efficient use of public dollars and smarter implementation of the state’s ongoing ZEV efforts. A cohesive plan is needed to better integrate various state agency efforts, utility buildout, and private investment in charging infrastructure and to highlight regional gaps in this vital support mechanism for EV owners. It will also advise the next Administration on what charging technologies are in place and their potential for greater capacity and grid integration.

The bill is off to a good start. It has won support from a number of stakeholder groups, including labor, environmental groups, and clean energy trade associations. In its first hearing, in front of the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee, testimony was all positive, and the committee passed it on a 13-0 vote. It is scheduled for a hearing before the Assembly Transportation Committee next Monday, April 23. With momentum behind it, AB 2127 will put California on the road to an electric transportation future!

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