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A Big Next Step on California’s ‘Pathway’ to an Advanced Energy Economy

Posted by Bob Keough

Sep 1, 2016 3:00:00 PM


California has taken another big step toward its advanced energy future, as the legislature approved the state’s next target for greenhouse gas reductions – 40% by 2030. Not to take credit, but that action took place just two weeks after an AEE delegation, with representatives of 26 member companies, visited 40 legislative offices urging lawmakers to set the 2030 target and extend the cap-and-trade allowance system to get there – though extending cap-and-trade will have to wait until next year.

The lobby day on August 10 was the action component of AEE’s two-day stand in Sacramento, followed as it was by our fourth annual Pathway to 2050 conference. Pathway provided a full day for issues like SB 350 implementation, cap-and-trade, corporate renewables procurement, CPUC reform, California ISO regional expansion, and vehicle electrification to get chewed over by industry leaders, legislators, regulators, and the media. The purpose of these discussions is to clarify policy pathways to an advanced energy economy that the industry can get behind.

“When businesses get behind a policy, change happens,” said board member Kevin Self of Schneider Electric, kicking off the conference. “AEE is that business voice of advanced energy.”

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Advanced Energy is Bigger Than Ever, with Nowhere to Go but Up

Posted by Bob Keough

Mar 10, 2016 4:00:00 PM


The annual Advanced Energy Now Market Report is out, and the results are in: The advanced energy industry is bigger than ever – bigger than the airline and fashion industries globally, bigger than beer and pharmaceutical manufacturing domestically. But the story doesn’t end there. Looking at the past five years of revenue, it becomes clear that the trajectory of advanced energy goes in one direction: up.

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The Legal Battle is Joined on the Clean Power Plan, and AEE is in the Thick of It

Posted by Bob Keough

Oct 29, 2015 5:16:10 PM

Well, that didn’t take long. Within hours of publication of the final rule in the Federal Register last Friday, Oct. 23, a group of 24 states filed suit in the D.C. Court of Appeals against EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Separately, Oklahoma and North Dakota lodged their own legal complaints, bringing the total of states challenging the rule to 26. But a majority of states taking EPA to court does not mean half the country is going to “just say no” to the CPP. Indeed, a number of these states are looking hard at compliance options even as they try to take down the rule. Plus, EPA will have defenders of the Clean Power Plan in court – including AEE.

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‘Pathway to 2050’ Focuses on California’s 2030 Goals, Utility Regulation and Business Models

Posted by Bob Keough

Aug 21, 2015 12:54:00 PM


“We are at another inflection point in California policy,” said Howard Wenger of SunPower Corp., an AEE board member. With legislation pending across the street in the Capitol to raise California’s already high standards for renewable energy and building efficiency, and adding a target of cutting petroleum use in half, all by 2030, what better context could there be for AEE’s third annual “Pathway to 2050” conference? The capacity crowd of nearly 400 gathered in the Sacramento Convention Center got a full sense of that inflection point – and the stakes for industry growth – from key policy makers and business leaders in a full day of dialogue and networking on August 20.

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ADVANCED ENERGY NOW: Market Report Shows Strong Growth in U.S. and Globally, Last Year and Over Four Years

Posted by Bob Keough

Mar 16, 2015 5:12:39 PM


What’s larger, worldwide, than the market for apparel and fashion, and nearly four times the size of semiconductor manufacturing? What’s bigger in the United States than the airline industry, as big as pharmaceutical manufacturing, and catching up to consumer electronics? Advanced energy, that’s what. 

Revenue from the sale of advanced energy technologies, products, and services totaled nearly $1.3 trillion globally in 2014, and $200 billion in the U.S. Those are the topline findings of the Advanced Energy Now 2015 Market Report, AEE’s third annual report on the size of advanced energy markets in the U.S. and around the world. But they are by no means the end of the advanced energy growth story.

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